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31 October 22

The adventure will start as a hot-looking chick, but it wasn't always as it is now. In reality, it was very different and a while back, you were a courageous and skillful warrior that could give monsters in the hordes a fair fight, and due to that they've used an old magic trick to transform you into a woman! What they didn't realize is that it will not break you, and you'll continue to fight them, especially that you now have two weapons instead of one, in addition to your sword, you can make use of sex to weaken your opponents and knock themdown one-for-all! In addition to the obvious hentai content, this adventure will also incorporate various other gameplay mechanics, like rpg, and even turn-based battles!

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10 ρlûs 4 mìnùs (6 múltìply bÿ 4)   =

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