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Jiggy Jigsaw

23 December 18

Don't let the word jigsaw in the title to scare you away - here puzzles are pretty simple to solve because puzzle lumps have square shape. The difficulkty here is raised by raiseng the quantity o fteh lumps you will need to put together. On teh other side all the lumps that you put on their right positions are staying there so you will know for sure once it is possible to get to the next chunk. Every time you will set the picture together you will unlock it in the in-game gallery so you could enjoy it one more time after you will get through all the puzzles. Even though the puzzles here are pretty easy the pictures are still very hot. So if you would like to play some game with big-boobed anime babes but have no plans on spending in it the whole night then you truly should try this one!

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