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Fappy Manhood

21 December 18

Quite challenging arcade game which is based on another one quite popular game which you might know as"Flappy Bird". Only this time it is going to be anime porn themed and it's title is changed to"Fappy Dick" obviously. The idea is that you use spacebar to control the hight that the Fappy Dick is flying at to run away all the barriers in his manner. The goal of 100 points will allow you to unlock the in-game manga porn gallery however to reach it you might spend a lot of tries because as we already said the gameplay in this arcade is challenging. Every time you will fail you will get one random picture from the gallery to cheer you up and allow you to continue enjoying (and who knows may be through these failed attempts you will be able to see through the whole gallery sooenr or afterward ).

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4 ρlûs 10 mìnús (5 mùltîρly bÿ 2)   =

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